Beautyrest Builds On Luxury Success With New Beautyrest Black

Integrated SmartMotion base provides custom sleep tracking, tips, smart alarm and more for personalized sleep support.

(ATLANTA – January 24,2016) – After a year of record-setting sales, Beautyrest® is set to debut twelve new models in its premium Beautyrest Black® line at the January Las Vegas Furniture Market. Since 2012, Beautyrest Black sales have skyrocketed as the brand’s signature approach to combining technology and luxury has sparked consumer interest in the luxury category. The line has more than doubled in sales since 2012, making it one of the fastest growing bedding lines in the industry.

“In 2014, we set the bar for luxury marketing in the industry when we re-launched Beautyrest Black with a focus on technology, luxury and breakthrough marketing featuring Patrick Dempsey. In 2016, we’ll take this to another level with an even better product line that has exclusive new features to deliver luxurious sleep and an even bigger marketing campaign featuring another A-list celebrity spokesperson,” says Jeff Willard, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Simmons Bedding Company, LLC (“Simmons”).

All Beautyrest Black models will contain the line’s signature Micro-Diamond™ Memory Foam, which leverages the conductive property of diamond particles to move heat away from the surface of the mattress. This staple technology pairs with Beautyrest’s patented Advanced Pocketed Coil® technology for the ultimate in sleep luxury.

Higher-end models will feature the introduction of BlackICE™ Memory Foam, which adds a “cool to the touch” treatment at the surface designed to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable while falling asleep. The twelve innerspring models are priced from $1,999-$4,999. Beautyrest Black will be supported by a groundbreaking luxury marketing campaign that will kick off prior to Memorial Day 2016. The campaign will feature an A-list celebrity spokesperson in a Super Bowl-quality TV spot and will be supported by PR, web, social and digital activations.
Optimize Your Sleep Performance: Beautyrest SmartMotion™ Base

Innovation has led to the creation of the breakthrough sleep solution – Beautyrest SmartMotion™ base powered by Sleeptracker® technology. SmartMotion™ bases allow consumers to optimize their sleep through a fully integrated and non-invasive sleep tracking technology that translates their night time habits into life transforming solutions. With the technology seamlessly integrated into the base, Beautyrest SmartMotion™ base has the flexibility to work with any mattress. The SmartMotion base accurately tracks deep, light and REM sleep without the assistance of a wearable device or wires, making this a truly non-invasive sleep solution.

Equipped with accurate and powerful sleep tracking technology, Beautyrest SmartMotion™ bases offer a clear step-up story for adjustable bases at retail – all while remaining within the same price range as standard adjustable bases ($1,199 – $2,299).

“Beautyrest SmartMotion™ is a game-changer in an over commoditized category. This is technology unlike anything seen in the Market as it is seamlessly integrated into a motion base so you don’t need to wear anything to track your sleep. With it, we’re able to drive category growth and add true value to retailers and consumers alike,” said Willard.

In addition to easily tracking your sleep to provide real-time feedback and tips to help you sleep better, SmartMotion™ bases boast:

Individualized Sleep Tracking
Advanced, non-invasive sensors accurately monitor up to two sleepers independently in order to display separate sleep data, reporting and coaching designed for improved sleep performance for both.

Integrated Sensors
Our sleep tracking sensors are integrated into the Base and undetectable during sleep. No wearable device is necessary so you sleep freely.

Sleep Cycle Alarm
Based on pre-selected earliest and latest wake times, our advanced alarm system detects when sleepers are in a light stage of sleep to wake them at the optimal moment to feel refreshed.

Customized Coaching
The SmartMotion™ System monitors your inputs (i.e. heart rate, respiration rate and movement), compares your sleep history with individuals like you and synthesizes your information into real-time solutions designed to help you achieve an improved level of sleep.

The SmartMotion™ base powered by Sleeptracker® technology is the culmination of over 250 man years of research and development and delivers the first complete Sleeptracker® smart bed Internet of Things platform in the industry, said Philippe Kahn, CEO and founder of Fullpower – the company behind Sleeptracker® technology.

Elegantly Orchestrated Sleep: Introducing the new Beautyrest® Platinum™ line
A sleep experience made possible through innovative design, expert craftsmanship and superior style – Beautyrest® Platinum™ is both an exceptional mattress and a finely tuned sleep system. The line features 12 models: 8 innerspring and 4 hybrid models.

The Beautyrest® Platinum™ collection features legendary Pocketed Coil® technology, providing conforming back support and motion separation for undisturbed sleep. Comfort comes thanks to layers of AirCool® Gel and AirCool® MAX Memory Foams that promote freedom of movement and pressure point relief. SurfaceCool™ Plus Fiber dissipates heat away from the surface while the AirCool® system removes heat to help maintain an optimal temperature. Elegance is highlighted by advanced and stylish surface fabrics that deliver a delightful feel to the touch. The eight innerspring models are priced from $1,299-$1,799 and offer multiple, upgraded feel choices.

The Beautyrest® Platinum™ Hybrid collection includes four models and will expand on the success of Beautyrest’s current Recharge Hybrid line. The line combines the best of all worlds – Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® technology, advanced, denser memory foams and a layer of latex – to deliver the support consumers need and the comfort they want. A layering of Dynamic Response™ Memory Foam and AirCool™ Memory Foam sits near the surface for temperature calibration, freedom of movement and pressure point relief. Comfort Response™ Latex supports the system with distinctive conforming support and a uniquely firm feel. Also featured is the innovative PlatinumICE™ Memory Foam, which maintains a “cool to the touch” surface feel designed to help keep the sleeper cool and comfortable while falling asleep. The four models are priced from $2,299-$2,999.

The Beautyrest Platinum collection will be supported by the popular “Get Your Beautyrest” advertising campaign. After garnering over 3 billion impressions in 2015, Simmons will again increase its advertising investment in 2016. The campaign’s witty TV spots offer consumers the easiest, most natural solution to fix their sleep problems: a great night’s sleep on a quality mattress.

“Over the last three years, we’ve invested heavily in product development and national advertising. Our sales have soared and we’re leading the hybrid and luxury categories. We’re committed to market share growth by continuing to offer retailers more options to satisfy all consumer preferences,” said Willard.

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