Beautyrest Promotes New Ad Campaign, Mattress-in-a-Box Offerings and SleepSells Success at Las Vegas Market

(ATLANTA – July 27, 2017) – The Beautyrest® brand, one of the industry’s leading mattress brands, is pleased to be promoting its new consumer advertising campaign at the upcoming Las Vegas Market, which begins July 30th. Positioning Beautyrest mattresses as the ultimate equipment for high-performance sleep, the campaign builds upon the growing belief that personal performance is based on three basic pillars of health – exercise, nutrition and sleep – and that to achieve success in daily life, one must perform optimally in all three areas.

Beautyrest is using a mix of broadcast, digital, social media and public relations to expose millions of consumers to the campaign’s key message, which juxtaposes scenes of personal athletic performance, such as biking, boxing, yoga and swimming, with the high-quality sleep attained on a Beautyrest mattress.

“As consumers, we all understand the important role equipment plays in our everyday success,” said Beautyrest Executive Vice President of Marketing Jim Gallman. “Whether we are striving for success at work, on the athletic field or during the pursuit of a personal passion, the right equipment is key to performance, and high-performance sleep is no different. Our new campaign drives home this idea and communicates that the right mattress with the right technology is essential to achieving optimal sleep.”

Partnership with Dr. Rebecca Robbins

In connection with the launch of its new campaign, Beautyrest has partnered with Dr. Rebecca Robbins, a sleep researcher and co-author of “Sleep for Success.” Dr. Robbins primarily conducts research on the link between sleep and performance as well as strategies for optimal rest and recovery. Her role is to help the brand educate consumers about ideal sleep habits and the impact of quality sleep on their waking success, including how high-quality sleep can give them an edge to perform more effectively.

“Rest plays a pivotal role in nearly all areas of our waking lives; yet in our society, sleep is unfortunately viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity,” said Dr. Robbins. “Research must be shared with the population to make a true difference, so it is wonderful when a brand like Beautyrest wants to engage with the academic community to promote the benefits of sleep.”

Beautyrest will showcase consumer-oriented content from Dr. Robbins on, on its Under the Covers blog and on the brand’s social media channels. Dr. Robbins will also be featured on SleepSells, the brand’s online training destination for retail sales associates (RSAs) and other industry insiders.

“Dr. Robbins has spent years studying the science of sleep, and she is dedicated to educating society about the clear link between quality sleep and success during the day, which is a topic that perfectly aligns with the performance-focused message of our new campaign,” said Beautyrest Vice President of Marketing Communications Michelle Montgomery. “We are thrilled that she’ll be working with Beautyrest to help people understand the important role sleep plays in making us perform more effectively.”

To view examples from the brand’s new campaign, visit the Beautyrest YouTube® channel.

Mattress-in-a-Box Preview

Las Vegas Market also marks the premiere of a new lineup of mattress-in-a-box offerings, which are the result of a strategic partnership with Sinomax USA, a leading global manufacturer and distributor that specializes in innovative memory foam technology products.

Launching during the fourth quarter of 2017, the mattress-in-a-box offerings will be sold in-store and online via the brand’s dealer network. The collection includes the 10-inch Beautyrest ST (Smart Technology) High Performance Memory Foam Mattress, which comes bundled with a Beautyrest® Sleeptracker® monitor. In addition, the collection features 8-inch and 10-inch memory foam models sold under the Simmons® BeautySleep® name. All three products will be assembled in the United States at Sinomax’s new facility in Nashville, Tenn.

“Consumers possess a variety of preferences regarding the mattress shopping process, so we strive to offer a range of purchasing experiences through our dealers,” said Beautyrest Vice President of Brand Management Cara Finger. “The introduction of Beautyrest and Simmons BeautySleep mattress-in-a-box products is a first for our brand, and we’re excited to preview this new category in Las Vegas.”

SleepSells and National Training Month

Throughout Market, Beautyrest will continue to tout the success of its SleepSells program and its second annual National Training Month, which focused on educating retail sales associates about key industry topics prior to the summer selling season. During National Training Month, SleepSells users were able to access new training-specific content and win prizes via the SleepSweeps Sweepstakes, a daily trivia competition. As a result of these efforts, SleepSells’ pageviews increased by 98 percent over the previous month; plus, the site experienced a significant jump in new registrations, with almost 55 percent more new users joining SleepSells during National Training Month 2017 than in 2016.

“The growth and engagement SleepSells saw during National Training Month demonstrates how valuable RSAs find educational mattress- and sleep-related content – especially at this crucial point in the year,” said Montgomery. “We’re seeing what yields the greatest feedback and interactions from users and are developing future SleepSells content with these factors in mind.”

Overall, SleepSells continued to grow in its second year, and a comparison of key year-over-year figures shows 46 percent growth in new registrations and pageviews along with a 54 percent increase in the number of sessions. The program followed up this success with the launch of a new site design this past June. Featuring enhanced functionality, the updated site is driving additional recruitment and engagement through a simplified registration process, more robust profile capabilities, site speed improvements and comment notifications.

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Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC (“SSB”) is the largest distributor and manufacturer of mattresses in the United States. The Atlanta-based company owns and manages two of the largest bedding brands in the mattress industry, Serta®, which has five other independent licensees, and Beautyrest®. The two brands are distributed through national, hospitality, and regional and independent channels throughout North America. SSB also owns Tomorrow Sleep, a direct-to-consumer mattress brand. SSB operates 32 manufacturing plants in the United States, six in Canada and one in Puerto Rico. For more information about SSB and its brands, visit

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