Heading Home for the Holidays? Serta Simmons Bedding Reveals New Survey Uncovering What is Keeping Americans from Sleeping Well During the Holiday Season

As we approach the festive time of year, many people have inevitable changes to their routines that can impact their sleep – from kids home on school break to holiday travel. With that in mind, we recently commissioned a survey with OnePoll* to discover how Americans’ sleep habits are impacted during the holiday season and found the following:

  • Hosts Lose Sleep. A Lot of It. Our survey found that those hosting friends and family during the holidays lose two and a half hours of sleep per day when prepping to have others in their home. Of all the generations, Gen Z is the most likely to lose at least FOUR hours of sleep per day when preparing to host overnight guests.
  • Guests Are Getting Less Sleep, Too. Those who are guests during the holidays reported that their sleep schedules were disrupted as well. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed said they feel compelled to go to sleep and wake up at the same time as their hosts. Across generations, Gen Z was again the most likely to miss out on a good night’s rest whereas Baby Boomers were the most likely to get their normal shut-eye (83% of Gen Z guests reported matching their hosts’ sleep schedule compared to only 61% of Baby Boomers.)
  • Younger Generations are the Most Sleepless During the Holidays. Regardless of whether they are hosts or guests, more than a third of those surveyed shared that the holidays are the most sleepless time of the year (34%) and that number jumps to 40% for Millennials and Gen Z. Some of the reasons people report losing out on sleep include excitement for the holiday season (33%), indulging in too many holiday treats (21%) and holiday movie marathons (20%).
  • Hosts are Trying to Help Their Guests Sleep Better. The majority of hosts (70%) shared they make special adjustments to guest beds and rooms during the holidays, including changing the sheets (24%), and providing additional blankets and pillows (21% and 20%, respectively).

While there are many distractions keeping people awake during the holidays, there are several ways to ensure you get a good night’s rest, whether you’re hosting or guesting.

  • Whenever Possible, Stick to a Consistent Sleep Routine. Our bodies crave consistency. Many people go to sleep and wake up at different times from day to day, but consistency can improve your sleep quality. I suggest doing your best to stick to your normal routine, which may include daily exercise, consistent mealtimes and sleep/wake times, and pre-sleep activities like meditation.
  • For Guests, Try to Recreate Your At-Home Sleep Experience. I recommend traveling with easy-to-pack items that you use at home, such as a white noise machine, your favorite pillowcase or your favorite pajamas. Thirty percent of guests actually do bring their own bedding when staying over, with Millennials most likely to do so (37%), and 12% want to but are worried about offending their host. However, most Americans (70%) reported they wouldn’t feel very insulted, if at all, so go ahead and pack your favorite sheets if it helps you get a better night’s rest!
  • For Hosts, Consider Upgrades to Help Guests Sleep Soundly. The holiday season is a great time to consider updating your guest beds and bedding. Want to provide a more supportive mattress?  Serta Perfect Sleeper is a great option for the guest room.
  • Watch What (and When) You Eat Before Bed. Many of us like to indulge during the holidays but a heavy meal just before bedtime can disrupt your sleep. For optimal sleep, try to have your last meal two to three hours before bedtime. It’s also important that you do not go to bed hungry. If you find yourself hungry before bed, snack on something easy to digest, like fruit or yogurt with granola – my favorite!

While it’s ideal to maintain a consistent sleep routine, we know those routines may be disrupted during the holiday season. My recommendation is to always try to resume your normal sleep routine as quickly as possible.

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About JD Velilla

JD Velilla is the Head of Sleep Experience at Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB), the leading sleep company with a portfolio of brands that includes Serta, Beautyrest, Tuft & Needle and Simmons. He is also a member of the Global Wellness Institute.

In his role, JD advocates and educates about the importance of sleep as part of an overall self care and wellness regimen. He connects the dots between the latest sleep science, product development and the habit changes required to achieve transformative rest.

A self-proclaimed sleep nerd, JD has transformed his bedroom into a dedicated recovery room and never uses an alarm clock. He wakes up every morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.

*Study surveyed 2,000 Americans (split evenly by generation) on disruptors most impacting sleep during the holidays.


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